Sendai Tansu 800x450 - Short Videos Artisans Series Sendai Tansu


Sendai Tansu

This is made for our project which introduce traditional Japanese crafts and culture with video and sell these products by online.

The Sendai Tansu (a chest of drawers) style originated at the end of the Edo period (1603-1868). It is said that a master carpenter, Umemura Hikozaemon, was the creator of Sendai Tansu when he worked for Date Masamune (The first lord of the Sendai domain). Date Masamune wanted a solid and stately Tansu chest for the main enclosure of the Sendai castle which he had built, and Umemura Hikozaemon was chosen to design and make it. The history of the Sendai Tansu started from samurai class living. Sendai samurai used….

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