Frequently Asked qUESTIONS

Do you offer frames for your posters?

Yes, currently you may order our unique magnetic frames from here.

Can I get some discount when I buy multiple items?

You may use coupons that we offer in the store in your order, and we also offer wholesale prices when you buy multiple products, and with larger orders, better shipping method maybe available for you too. 

Where do I find my tracking number and information

Fisrtly, you need tracking number to track your order, which normally could be found in your account section.

With your tracking number, you may track your order from following websites:





How do I return products or get refund?

Normally we will assume the package is lost if it is not received within 60 days after shipping, and after 60 days of not receiving, you may ask us to resend the same order to you again for free or just refund you.

What is the material of your posters?

All of our posters are printed on canvas, which is far better than paper, canvas poster is water resist, more durable, and has fine textures which paper cannot offer.

You can also easily put canvas poster into any photo frames just like paper poster.

Is there any copyright issue for our posters?

As a design company, we always focus on providing the best original designs for our customers, and we are well aware that someone out there are always  trying to copy and steal designs from us.

However, no one can really give a certain answer for this question, copyright is always a tricky thing in design industry.

If you find our designs are violating your work, please do contact us.

Can I make custom sizes or other custom orders?

Yes, we manufacture our own products, so we can make custom sizes and products for you.

However there is some limitation for custom size or custom orders, which differs from product to product, contact us for more details.

How many order can you handle each day?

Apart from accessories, all of our products are made to order, so all of our products are available.

Normally products are shipped within 2 working days, custom made products are shipped within 3 working days.

We also accept wholesale orders as we manufacture our own products, we can easily increase our production to meet any of your demand.